Foot Care & Reflexology in the comfort of your own home.


My Aromatherapy, Massage, Reiki & Quantum Touch are from my home in Masham.


I work in Masham, Bedale, Middleham, Leyburn and all surrounding areas.









The initial consultation is free. This gives you time to discuss any health issues you may have and gives me an idea of the right treatment plan that suits you and fits into your lifestyle. If you were wanting an occasional relaxing treatment to help you unwind this will also be discussed. I will then explain your treatment and provide you with an explanatory leaflet.

My clients’ health and well-being needs are very important to me, a large percentage of my work comes from regular clients and recommendations. My Massage Services and Energy Healing Treatments are from my home in Masham.  My Reflexology and Foot Care Services are available to you in your own home.  Bridget's Body & Footcare is well-known throughout the Masham, Ripon, area, I work hard to maintain the excellent reputation that I have built.

Relaxing massage

Consultation Offer & Loyalty Scheme

There is no initial fee for your consultation. Furthermore, I also provide a loyalty voucher scheme which gives you a £10 discount on your 5th weekly treatment.

Complementary Therapies

Some benefits of Complementary Therapies

I have worked with many clients suffering with anxiety and depression, using weekly Reflexology treatments gently encouraged them back into balance improving their well-being and energy levels. Following the course of treatment they were able to resume normal activities and return to work.

With any debilatating health conditions it is by your own personal choice which therapy you choose to achieve results choosing between Reflexology, Indian Head Massage, Aromatherapy, Massage or Energy treatmets and it is suggested that by completing a course of between 6 and 10 weekly sessions gives you the best results. When balance has been maintained, a monthly maintenance session would be advised to maintain balance.

My lovely Aromatherapy, Deep Tissue Massage and Indian Head Massage treatments are an example of the different massage styles I have to offer, and the charges are listed below:

Foot Care - £28 (per client)

Foot care - £25 (residential 5 clients) 

foot care - £50 (2 clients same home)


From trimming nails, fungal, thick nails, ingrown toenails, to cracked heels, corns, callus, athlete's foot, verrucas, and diabetic care, I provide a complete service that meets all your foot care needs. For more details, please visit my foot care page.  Foot Care can be combined with Reflexology for a tailor-made package of care.  

Reflexology – £40

(1 Hour and consultation)

Regular treatments - £38


Reflexology is a Complementary therapy that works by applying gentle pressure to the feet.  The different pressure points on the feet have nerve endings which relate to every part and function of the body. This gentle pressure stimulates the nerve energy pathways in the body, encouraging the body to heal and release any tension and blockages, encouraging free-flow of energy to return to the body.  The treatment improves circulation, helps relieve pain and tension, and provides you with a de-stressing treatment for the whole body enabling the body to find healing and balance once again.

Maternity Reflexology

Maternity Reflexology provides you with the perfect treatment during pregnancy.  It assists hormone balance, helps with any sickness you may be suffering with and  also assists with any water retention in the body.  This lovely treatment provides you with relief from stress and enables you to have some well deserved time out for you to re-balance and relax. 


Reproflexology can be used as a treatment to enhance your natural fertility or with assisted fertility treatments such as IUI and IVF/ICSI.  I am dedicated to help enhance your natural fertility through Reflexology.  Treatments on both partners is adviseable  if the cause of infertility is unknown. 

Body Massage  (Women only)


(1 hour) - £45


(1 hour 30 mins) - £60


Body Massage helps your body to de-stress relax and unwind. The massage relieves stress and tension in the muscles.  The massage stimulates the blood circulation and lymph, and increases serotonin levels in the body and in doing so can help you with stress, anxiety and depression. Regular massage can boost energy levels, reduce pain, and stimulates you both mentally, physically and emotionally.  I am also trained in deeper tissue and myofascial release techniques providing a gentle but firm massage on the tissues of the body.  The massage will be adapted to suit your needs on the day of the treatment. 



Aromatherapy - £65

(1 Hour 15 Minutes)


Aromatherapy Massage is the use of essential oils in massage, to improve physical and emotional well-being.  It produces positive health benefits and is an effective treatment for a variety of chronic conditions.  The massage is firm but gentle, also more time is neded for a facial.


The massage includes all the benefits of a regular massage, (reduced stress, improved circulation, lymph drainage, pain relief, etc) however a blend of 3 essential oils will be added to the carrier oil to highten the whole massage experience.  The blend will be tailor made for you on the day of the treatment.  We will choose the oils together looking at your health issues on the day of this lovely treatment. 


* Including a facial - £75




Indian Head Massage - £38

(45 minutes) & cONSULTATION

The Indian Head Massage is given with you sitting in a Comfortable Massage chair over your clothing. The treatment focuses on the head, neck, shoulders, upper arms, and back.  The Massage encourages your body to de-stress and unwind which helps you tackle stress, headaches, sinusitis, tension and also depression and acts as a way to re balance your whole body.

REiki  HEALING - £45

Quantum Touch - £45

(Approx 1 Hour)

Reiki is an original method of healing developed by Dr Mikao Usui in Japan. It works on every level; physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. Reiki encourages deep relaxation, promoting a calm, peaceful sense of wellbeing on all levels and brings balance to the mind, body, and emotions.

Quantum Touch uses the scientific principles of resonance and entrainment with specific breathing techniques and simple body awareness to create a powerful yet natural field of healing energy, it can re-align structure, help with pain, and creates the right conditions for your body to heal itself.

Pamper TIME - £30

(30 mins) - Min of 5 People

Pamper bookings offer you an ideal way for you and your friends and family to have a relaxation get-together provided in the comfort of your own home or venue of your choice. I offer a 30 minute treatment per person, however this is flexible if you would like a longer treatment time and will always be tailored to suit your needs.


I am able to offer my services in your holiday venue whilst visiting my local area of Masham. An hourly rate of £50 applies and a mininum of 2 hours treatment time would be required.


Seated Acupressure Massage 

(business Bookings)

Seated acupressure massage is provided in the work environment over clothing for your employees. It can be used to reduce back, neck, and head tension, improve concentration, and energy levels. It enhances workplace morale and helps to reduce absenteeism in staff leading to an altogether happier workplace.

Businesses find this type of massage an ideal way to break up work meetings, enhance corporate events, conference exhibitions, or well-being days. The treatments can be between 10 and 30 minutes long with the average being 20 minutes per person. It is important to note that the time depends on the required numbers and time requirements. For more details, please visit my Corporate page.

Gift Vouchers - £45

(1 HOUR & Consultation)

If you are looking for a thoughtful gift idea.  How about a gift voucher posted straight to your door!  This provides your loved one with a Foot Care or Complementary Therapy Treatment. 

An ideal gift for anyone who has everything!

All payments can be made by Bacs, Paypal, Cash or Cheque. 


Contact Bridget  for details about Reflexology, Massage or Foot Care Treatments, working in Masham, Bedale, Ripon and surrounding areas

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