I am your local Foot Health Practitioner here to help you with  any foot care issues you may be having in Masham, Bedale, Leeming Bar, Middleham and all surrounding areas






There can be an array of reasons of why you are suffering from pain in your feet, and here at Bridget's Body & Footcare in Masham, Ripon, I aim to relieve the pain you are suffering from by offering a tailored foot care service. Having a nursing background and being a complementary therapist means that I have a wealth of knowledge in foot care problems, and I am able to quickly identify what is causing your pain. Please get in touch with me for further information about the competitively priced foot care services I provide.

The Importance of Looking After Your Feet

Most people don't think about their feet until there's a problem. Foot issues are very common due to the fact that we spend at least 4 hours each day on our feet. Poor fitting shoes and high heels can cause bunions, calluses, corns, ingrown toenails, and many other painful foot conditions. Foot problems can lead to more serious issues, including knee, hip, and back pain. It is very important to look after your feet as foot problems tend to get worse as we become older.

Foot Facts

Foot Facts

  • We Walk Approx. 75,000 Miles in Our Lifetime

  • 30% of the Population Have Difficulty Cutting Their Toenails

  • 75% of Adults Have a Foot Problem

  • There Are 250,000 Sweat Glands in Both Feet

  • Many of Us Wear Ill-Fitting Shoes

  • Foot Problems Are Caused by Wearing Poor Fitting Footwear

Meeting Your Foot Care Needs

I trained with Stonebridge College and gained The Foot Health Practitioner Qualification. My qualification is known as S.A.C dip F.H.P. My registration can be found at

I provide foot care in the comfort of your own home. My services are usually provided within 10 miles of Masham, however further travel is available for multiple treatments, group bookings, and residential and care homes.

A discounted rate applies to group bookings of over 5 clients per visit. This includes home visits and residential and care homes.

Treatments and Prices

Foot Care - £28 (per client)

Foot Care - £25 (Residential above 5 clients)

Foot Care - £50 (2 clients same house)


Please find my foot care prices below.

Foot Care - £26

  • Nails Cut & Trimmed

  • Fungal Nails

  • In-Grown Toe Nails

  • Cracked Heels (Fissures)

  • Callus Reduction

  • Corn Removal

  • Thick Nail Treatment

  • Verrucas

  • Athletes Foot

  • Diabetic Foot Care

Feet Treat 1 - £60

Basic foot care followed by a relaxing foot massage using essential oils.

Feet Treat 2 - £60

Basic foot care followed by a reflexology treatment.


Contact Bridget  in, Masham, Bedale and Ripon, for details about the foot care services I provide

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